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Dick Humphrey: Lowe’s impacts go beyond Silverthorne

Dick Humphrey

As a citizen in the Wildernest area, I was unable to vote on the elections, but am deeply upset that Silverthorne Town Council members are moving ahead to approve the Lowe’s and Home Depot projects. Presently, it appears the Lowe’s project is in the final stages of approval to allow them to build their store. That decision will have a major impact to unincorporated Summit County taxpaying residents, especially to those of us living so close to the proposed sites of Lowe’s and Home Depot. Those issues impacting us are highlighted below.

There are six major topics representing over 52 open issues that have not been addressed. Those issues have been sent to the Silverthorne Town Council representatives. This highlights the topics with the number of open issues per topic:

Traffic — eight open issues

Pollution – seven open issues

Utility and public service impacts – four open issues

Economic – 13

Environment – eight

Quality of life – 12

There are many others, but the above six are the major ones that need attention. There are statutes that protects unincorporated taxpayers of Summit County, especially those of us living within one mile of the proposed two sites where such a dramatic change could have an impact as highlighted in the above issues. As the elected officials of the town of Silverthorne they must follow those statues.

One more thing, the marketing study, carried out by Lowe’s’ third party consulting firm, is referencing 2007 economic times and for their store only. The economic times we are currently in makes that report obsolete. A study should be done that reflects:

– Two big box stores, not one

– Economic conditions we are facing today, not three years ago

Based upon the above, I urgently request that there should be a moratorium on this decision for another 18 months or sooner, contingent upon providing satisfactory answers to the above identified issues.

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