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Dillon approves contractor for Corinthian Hill roadwork

Dillon is looking to finish a long-postponed project that would repave the upper half of Ensign Drive and add a new storm sewer system.

Town engineer Dan Burroughs said the improvements should help prevent leaking from water valves that damages downhill portions of the road.

“That’s why the road’s so bad — a lot of the water service connections to the main have been leaking, so we’re repairing all 17 of those,” Burroughs said. “The road is in horrible condition; it has a lot of rutting and potholes.”

During Tuesday’s town council meeting, Dillon approved RKR Inc. as a contractor for work on Ensign Drive. The company will bury a new water main 9 feet below the road surface, replace fire hydrants and repair valves along the main. The new storm sewer will help with drainage, and allow plowed snow to melt into the inlets instead of remaining on the street.

Burroughs said the town plans to bring in another contractor to redo the asphalt and concrete along Ensign. Workers will add a concrete transition zone on both sides of the road and an asphalt sidewalk on one side to create a shoulder for plowed snow in the winter. Construction is scheduled to start the week after Memorial Day, and finish in September.

“Corinthian Hill’s homeowners association has asked us to rebuild their roads for a decade; now we’ll have them all done this year,” Burroughs said.

Work to the lower half of Ensign Drive was finished in 2011, and Corinthian Circle improvements were completed in 2010. But when the economy took a dive, Dillon was not able to bond enough money to finish work to the upper half of Ensign until this year.

In March, the town council approved an emergency ordinance to issue $2,050,000 in excise tax revenue bonds to cover construction costs. The project on Ensign is expected to cost about $1.5 million due to the need to repair valves along the water main. The remainder of the funds will be used for future street projects, including rebuilding the intersection of Lodgepole Street and Lake Dillon Drive in 2016.

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