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Dillon, CO Amphitheatre

The best part of Dillon, Colorado is it’s natural assets from the Dillon Reservoir to the huge, protective mountain range that guards this little town. Even better is enjoying great live music while soaking up the incredible view in a beautiful venue. The Lake Dillon Amphitheatre is one of the best venues in Summit County. It brings going to a concert to a whole new experience. Being able to hold almost 5,000 people and having free live shows throughout the summer definitely makes it a local favorite.

The Lake Dillon Amphitheatre has their summer schedule online so you can get a head start on planning which live shows you are going to go see. The amphitheatre is located right next to the Marina Park which has a beautiful view of the water. There’s also a Best Western hotel close by so make a weekend out of it and see what Dillon has to offer.

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