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Dillon, CO Hiking Trails and Parks

Dillon is filled with opportunity and activity to keep you busy and active. For example, the Dillon Nature Preserve is the perfect spot for hiking, biking and snowshoeing in the winter. Visitors can park near the Tenderfoot Street intersection. There are two trail loops that are over two miles, there is an abundance of scenic overviews and the nature preserve is open year round.

The Nature Preserve also offers a 26 mile trail for visitors to hike, run, bike and ski or snowshoe in the winter. Visitors will get an amazing view of the Dillon Reservoir. Leashed pets are welcome so if you can get a leash on your rabbit, they’re free to walk the trail with you. There’s also a trail system that hikers can follow telling them the best way to get to the trails as well as how long they are.

The Dillon Ranger District also has loads of information about camping, hiking, fishing and anything else you can think of. While you’re out hiking on the Tenderfoot trail, keep in mind that the ranger district can help if you lost a copy of your map or want to get more information on the trail.

One of the Dillon trails is the Oro Grande trail. Being only about three miles, this trail is the perfect length for getting some exercise without exhausting yourself but still being able to look at the beautiful scenery. There’s also Sapphire Point, which is an easy trail that’s less than a mile. Sapphire Point has gorgeous views and epic photo opportunities. Whichever trail you choose for the day, you’re bound to get amazing photos and fresh air.

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