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Dillon, CO Marina

Dillon Reservoir is a popular spot for outdoors adventure and fun under the Rocky Mountain blue skies.

There are 5 campgrounds located around the lake that are typically open between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This way you can enjoy all the recreation areas including campgrounds, fishing points and bike paths all along the reservoir. If you like nothing better than to hunt, check out the fishing and waterfowl hunting area. Fishing is plentiful in this area with plentiful varieties of brown and rainbow salmon. If you have long been searching to land a “trophy” fish, see if you can catch the elusive Arctic Char. Introduced to the Reservoir in 2008, this cold water fish native to cold-waters has been thriving in the alpine lake environment while sustaining the Lake’s health by reducing the number if invasive mussels. GO ahead and get out there and see what you can catch!

There is a lot to do on or around the Dillon Reservoir but there are a few things you can’t do. Swimming, water skiing, wading and scuba diving are prohibited. There are several “Beach Areas” perfect for skimming rocks and lying on the sand to catch some rays.

Dillon Reservoir is the highest deep-water marina in North America and attracts sailors from all over the world to participate in regattas due to the challenge of shifting winds.

Those who aren’t already expert sailors can sign up for sailing school on the Dillon Marina or experience a private sailing tour. Sunset sail boat tours are available in the evenings perfect for a romantic date as well as a twice weekly informative pontoon tour with the Summit Historical Society. This tour provides information about the relocation of the town, Damn construction and other interesting facts about the area. Reservations are the best way to guarantee your time out on the water and to make sure you book the exact sailing experience you’re looking for.

If traditional sailing isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps look to rent a runabout, kayak or Stand-up Paddle Board. There are many ways, you can be your own captain!

Renting a pontoon boat is the ultimate group excursion, perfect for bachelor/bachelorette parties or family get-togethers or groups of friends. Some of these rentals even have grills attached.

Enjoy all the activity and land-locked water lovers from an extremely well placed dining establishment called Pug Ryan’s Tiki Bar. As you sip down your favorite concoction and dine on fish tacos you can watch the local sailors, check out the merch at the Marina retail store.

The Marina retail store is the perfect place to grab some souvenirs or pick up an extra pair of sunglasses. Don’t want to carry around all those shopping bags? The Marina retail store will actually ship all of your items to you so they’ll be waiting for you when you get home. Or you can pick up for a gift certificate and come back whenever you want.

For the ultimate combination of adventure over land and sea, hail the Lake Dillon Water Taxi. The Taxi will transport you and your bikes (and even furry friends) across the Lake. Stop in at the Frisco Marina before riding your bike along a rolling paved path through wetland areas with resplendent views back to Dillon where you can take in a free evening concert or head back to the Tiki Bar for one last Rum-Runner!

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