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Dillon, Colorado Parks

Dillon is filled with family friendly parks that are open all day and are a free activity. The Marina Park has beautiful mountain views and wonderful vistas. It stretches out along the waterfront and is adjacent to the park so whether you have a family or a significant other, you’ll have a good time. Parking is available and fee at the park but are not allowed within the park.

The Marina Park has tons of amenities to use such as picnic tables and charcoal grills. With the surrounding mountains, every opportunity can be a photo opportunity and the lakeshore makes it that much more. All ages can enjoy the playground if they choose to and parents can use the benches to relax while watching their children play. There are restroom facilities in the park and a personal picnic area that can seat up to 90 people and are equipped with outlets and drinking water.

While you take a stroll around the park, take a gander at the bronze sculptures or the history of Dillon in the interpretive signs. There is a path specifically for bicycles as well as public fishing and a boating dock. Near the Marina Park is also the Dillon Amphitheatre. Every Friday and Saturday the amphitheatre hosts free live music events throughout the summer and has room for about 5,000 people.

Anyone can swing by the Point Dillon Park to get even more access to the lakeshore and more photo opportunities. This park has picnic tables, sculptures, benches and a recreational path for bikers, runners and anyone looking for a peaceful walk. You can even reserve the park and host your next big event there.

If you’re looking for more of a secluded park, the Dillon Town Park may be what you’re looking for. Here you have access to a youth ball field that can be used for baseball, soccer, Frisbee, lacrosse and simple picnics. There’s also a playground for children next to the town pavilion. The town pavilion is the perfect place to reserve your wedding or party and can seat up to 50 people.

Those looking to spend a little time with Mother Nature can spend some time at the Nature Preserve. There are three different trails to choose from and all are pretty relaxed. One of the trails, the Ridge Trail, is a three mile round trip trail that is rarely visited. Enjoy easy gravel roads, the beautiful wildflowers in the woods and keep your eyes peeled for bluebirds.

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