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Dillon recount set for Thursday

RYAN SLABAUGHsummit daily news

DILLON – A recount in the Dillon Town Council election between Don Parsons and Lucinda Burns will occur Thursday at 8 a.m. at the Dillon Town Hall.The narrow one-vote margin that favored Parsons didn’t leave everyone feeling OK with the results. Last Friday, Summit County resident Sandy Greenhut and Dillon resident Joleen Meyer both submitted requests for a recount.”I’m glad more than ever that I’m doing this,” Greenhut said.Jan Thomas, Dillon town clerk, said she estimated the costs of the recount to be $450, which will be split between the authors of the two requests. The costs include paying three election judges, Thomas and potentially the town attorney for their time.Thomas insisted, however, that the costs were estimates and true costs won’t be known until after the recount.Parsons won a council seat by a vote of 65 to 64. After the close vote on April 4, Dillon appeared set to do a recount. But town officials later determined that the result did not fall within the 0.5 percent margin that triggers an automatic recount.

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