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Dillon sales tax revenues up again

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DILLON – Dillon’s sales tax collection is up for the third month in a row – January 2010 revenues were up 1.5 percent over January 2009, or $5,000.

“I attribute that to growth, new business in town,” said Town of Dillon finance director Carri McDonnell.

McDonnell said there was a $56,200 (or about 15 percent) drop in sales tax funds from January 2009 to January 2008. So, finances are looking up for the town.

“One business can make a big difference in a small town,” she said.

Dillon has added numerous businesses near the Dillon Ridge Market Place this past year, including Walgreens, Noodles and Company, Qdoba and SmashBurger.

According to McDonnell, sales-tax collection began looking up last November.

Dillon’s revenues for December 2009 were up 2.77 percent, and December’s collection had an overall $14,900 increase over 2008. An increase in sales tax collection for November and December was caused by late filers. Without late filers, the town’s collection would have been down 2.2 percent for December, or $11,900. For all of 2009, Dillon was down 7.55 percent, or $307,000. This is good news, as the Town of Dillon projected to be down 10 percent for the year.

Though McDonnell is encouraged by town revenue growth, she said it’s hard to say how 2010 will turn out with just one month of sales-tax collection reported. If Dillon’s revenues remain flat to 2009 numbers, the town would meet its budget.

“We’re cautiously optimistic,” she said.

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