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Dillon Skyline Cinema

Dillon is home of the local movie theatre, Skyline Cinema 8. Here you can gather with friends, bring a date, or the kids and be entertained by the large screen. Located right near a shopping plaza, there’s much to do before the movie starts.

The Skyline Cinema 8 is all about bringing the newly anticipated movies right to your home town. If you’re planning to camp out to see the premier of your favorite up and coming movie, you can easily buy your tickets online so you’re fully prepared. There is also a newsletter available so you can be ahead of the crowd.

Not only is this the only opportunity to see a great movie, but ticket prices are affordable even for a great experience such as the Skyline Cinema. Matinees are also available for all of you early risers. Don’t forget to grab a big tub of popcorn at the concession stand or your favorite chewy candy before the movie starts.

You can even purchase a gift certificate for a birthday or congratulatory present. Whatever it’s for, make sure you buy two so you can tag along.

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