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Dillon steps up boat inspections

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DILLON ” The Town of Dillon passed an ordinance Tuesday to require inspection of all boats before and after they enter Dillon Reservoir. Council hopes that it will stop aquatic nuisance species ” mainly zebra/quagga mussels ” from contaminating the water.

According to Joe Wray, Dillon’s police chief, he’s also looking at better security measures for access ramps.

“In order for the inspection programs to be effective, we have to limit boating access points,” said Devin Granbery, Dillon’s town manager. “We barricaded boat access points that folks could use in previous years.”

Only two access points will be open ” the boat ramps at the Dillon and Frisco Marina.

“We have been working with Town of Frisco to also incorporate some of these measures,” Chief Wray said. “They also will be passing a similar ordinance, and they’ll be taking similar safety precautions.”

Non-native species, like zebra mussels, could threaten Dillon Reservoir’s ecosystem and the water infrastructure of the state.

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“This has long-lasting and permanent effects on recreation, economy, and the water system itself,” Wray said.

Mussels are spread by numerous activities, including hitchhiking on boat hulls trailered from one body of water to another.

“People understood the reasoning behind it last year,” Granbery said. “The vast majority of folks were happy to comply with that. We’re going to need the assistance of police department with enforcement ” that’s why its been made an ordinance.”

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