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Dillon tackles its complicated parking rules

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DILLON – Though changes to Dillon’s parking rules aren’t set in stone, the town is moving forward on simplifying its laws to limit confusion on what’s allowed and what’s not.

“The real issue is that council recognizes that something needs to be done to address all concerns,” Dillon’s chief of police Joe Wray said. “We have confusing, complicated rules on parking. It’s inconsistent throughout the year and dependent on location. We need to come up with a consistent and fair set of rules that are focused on residents, businesses and visitors alike, and they need to be applicable year-round.”

Council met with Wray at Tuesday’s town work session to discuss parking options, and the discussion will be continued at the next work session scheduled for March 30.

According to Wray, right now the town has eight different sets of rules that apply for parking regulations throughout the town based on season, time of day or certain allowances.

He recommends changing the numerous parking regulations to the following:

– Prohibited parking on town streets and right-of-ways from 2-6 a.m. year-round

– Prohibited parking in town lots from 2-6 a.m. year-round, except the rotating “blue” and “green” lots, which would allow over-night parking year-round

– Using a special permitting process for special events where certain provisions or exceptions are needed for parking

Councilman Doug Roesell disapproved of the idea however.

“As I business owner, I hate it,” he said. “You want to make it simple for people to get to businesses. I think there’s going to be a lot of push-back.”

Even so, Mayor Barbara Davis thinks changes to current parking rules make sense.

“We need to make it easy for our guests, our residents, the police department and the public works department to know where you can and can’t park and what’s restricted and not restricted so they can do their jobs,” Davis said. “Parking is near and dear to people’s hearts. I anticipate that we’ll get some calls on it, especially where all-night parking was allowed. … From a business perspective, it makes sense to have a standardized approach to town parking.”

Town manager Devin Granbery also noted that better parking rules need to be used to make it “clear and simple” for regulating police officers, as it can sometimes be difficult to determine what’s allowed depending on the location.

“I think there’d be a phase-in period (for new parking laws) for education,” Granbery added.

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