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Dillon’s parade decision doesn’t make sense

Ken Ferguson

A couple weeks ago I heard the Dillon town government had canceled this year’s Fourth of July parade. It bothered me, and while I am strongly in favor of anything done to help celebrate this great country’s independence day, I am also open to hear the other side.

I attended the town council meeting on Feb. 19. It was standing room only and many were there, as I, to have some dialogue about the decision. It turned out that others were there to protest the cancelation of the 2008 Soap Box Derby, and I side with them also. The first topic open for discussion was the parade and several people gave well thought out reasons to continue hosting the parade.

Apparently, the decision to cancel ” made by Mayor Barbara Davis, the town council, town manager and events manager ” was made in November 2007, and most of us did not find out about it for almost three months.

The decision was made at a committee meeting which is not subject to Colorado’s Sunshine Law. If the mayor and council are elected to carry out the will of the people, how can they do so if the people aren’t informed of what they have up their collective sleeves?

As to why the decision: First was a lack of staff, and I don’t know about that. However, most of the concerned citizens in attendance offered to help, as they have done in the past.

There is the problem of congestion along the parade route that blocks access to the marina, which is definitely a concern, and one that has been dealt with in the past for the hour or so of the parade.

Some ideas on setting up a different route were offered and deserve serious discussion with citizens and town officials in attendance. A problem of liability was also given, as a child might be injured.

The Farmer’s Market, Saturday night concerts, the barbecue festival, the Dillon Christmas tree lighting, and other events were not canceled. Is it all right, then, for children to be injured at those events, but not at the parade?

Finally, Mayor Davis conceded that a main reason for the cancelation was they wanted to replace it with something really exciting. Perhaps day-long music programs of some kind.

When asked exactly what kind, the answer was we don’t know yet, but council is working on it. When asked why they would cancel before knowing what the replacement would be, there was no available coherent answer. Just “something to “knock your socks off.” (I have not-so-grand visions of a Janet Jackson re-run of the Super Bowl halftime program of a few years ago. Maybe not, as that didn’t involve socks.)

Anyway, my hope is that the Dillon town government will have some meetings with the citizens and discuss all the possibilities. There is plenty of time.

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