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Dion: Expanded background checks…a farce?

Joe Dion, Masonville

In the rush to do something … anything, federal and state lawmakers are clamoring to pass more laws, especially calls for “universal background checks.”

Well, background checks didn’t do squat in the Virginia Tech, New Mexico, Aurora or Sandy Hook shootings. If you check, I believe you’ll find that every weapon used in those shootings was bought through a licensed dealer and with a background check!

And let’s not forget Chris Dorner, a cop. Think he couldn’t have passed any background check?

And before you hasten to create a “mental health database” to link to gun purchases, consider a couple of things. First, that federal law called HIPPA. And how about the “chilling effect” of potential patient lawsuits against psychiatrists for violation of privacy, let alone the notorious, and self-acknowledged, inability of psychiatrists to accurately predict violent behavior?

Personally, I’ll take self-defense and community over more “nanny” any day.

Joe Dion, Masonville

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