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Dion: That ‘disgusting’ Youtube video!

Joe Dion, Masonville

The Middle East is on fire. Our embassies and diplomats are under attack in Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Tunisia and Yemen. And our president is in…Las Vegas.

You have to understand, the prez is a very busy man; much too busy, in fact, to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu. But, don’t worry, he’s left Hillary in charge and she has clearly and unequivocally pointed out that “The U.S rejects both the content and message of that video” which she, personally finds, “inflammatory”, “despicable” and “disgusting”!

Video? Hillary, if you think this is all about a video that virtually no one has seen, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Colorado to sell you.

If you want to make a statement, Hillary, how about: “The next person who enters one of our embassies uninvited will be shot dead!” And to those countries that can’t, or won’t, protect our diplomats, maybe we don’t need to keep trying to “buy” them.

Joe Dion, Masonville

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