Dish-smashing roomie & DUI on a bike |

Dish-smashing roomie & DUI on a bike

ROBERT ALLENsummit daily news

Editor’s note: The names have been changed to protect the innocent.SUMMIT COUNTY – Walter was awakened recently at about 3 a.m. to banging noises downstairs. A few hours later he arose to find that glasses, plates and a hot plate had been thrown from the upstairs kitchen and smashed in the room below. He confronted two of his five housemates – Donna and Niles – whom he’d assumed had entered the residence when last night’s noise happened. An argument ensued and Walter called the police. Donna allegedly told deputies with Summit County Sheriff’s Office that she had thrown the dishes and hot plate downstairs. “(Donna) stated she was tired of her roommates not cleaning their dishes,” according to a report from the Sheriff’s Office. The items were worth a combined value of about $90, and Donna was issued a summons for criminal mischief under $100.

Claude was weaving a bicycle erratically down the center of Main Street in Frisco, “to the point the bike almost fell onto its side,” when a Sheriff’s deputy took notice and activated his emergency lights and siren. Claude allegedly looked at the deputy and proceeded to ride the bike on Fourth Street. The deputy pulled up next to Claude and told him to stop, but Claude continued to ride, according to the report. After again telling him to stop, the deputy drove ahead of Claude and stopped his patrol vehicle in front of him before stepping out and telling Claude to stop, once again. Claude “quickly turned and drove his bicycle down a driveway,” riding it on the grass before ditching it and running on foot around the side of a house. The deputy followed him to another driveway and Claude finally stopped running. Claude was “extremely unsteady on his feet” and “had very slurred speech.” The deputy asked why he didn’t stop his bike when asked. “(Claude) said he was just being stupid and just wanted to go home. (Claude) then said, ‘I don’t like you cops,'” according to the report. After Claude failed to perform voluntary roadside maneuvers consistent with sobriety, he refused chemical tests of blood or breath. He was placed into custody. The deputy asked Claude whether the bike was his, and Claude said he didn’t know whose it was. At Summit County Jail, Claude later said the bicycle belonged to his roommate. The deputy returned the bike to the roommate later that day. Claude was charged with improper bicycle equipment (no front headlight), careless driving, driving under the influence of alcohol and obstruction of a peace officer. Robert Allen can be contacted at (970) 668-4628 or

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