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District 1 seat on Board of County Commissioners

Bob French

QWhy are you running for this office? AI hope my experience as a transactional lawyer can be useful in helping to negotiate solutions to some tough and potentially divisive problems in the land use, water and transportation areas. QWhat would your first priority be if elected? ATo continue to pursue what I am pleased to see as increasing cooperation among the towns and the county in areas such as communication and emergency services, open space and transportation.QWhat are the three biggest issues facing your constituents and what do you see as solutions? ALand use and growth, transportation and community cooperation.QCitizens continue to dub “growth” and “maintaining quality of life” very important. What do you propose that will address those concerns? AGrowth can be directed into practical and sustainable channels. It can be encouraged in developed areas, kept off ridgelines and encouraged to blend into its community. Development can be made to pay its way in contributions to affordable housing and other public benefits. I strongly support the county’s open space program.QWhat, if anything, should county government do to help citizens attain affordable housing? ACounty government has done and is doing things to help citizens attain affordable housing. Donation of the land for the Ophir Mountain project was a significant contribution. The county joins with Breckenridge, Frisco, Silverthorne and Dillon in making a financial contribution to the Housing Authority each year. I’m concerned about the housing situation in Summit County and intend to see that the county’s support of SHA is not reduced. (Editor’s note: Summit County Government funded the SHA at about $34,000 in 2004.)QWhat is the solution to Interstate 70 congestion? AMultilaning of the pinch points might be accomplished on a five- to 10-year schedule, although concerns of the East Slope communities must be met. Long-term proposals for high-speed buses or light rail command staggering price tags and aren’t on any realistic horizon closer than 20 years.QList public benefits that would seem appropriate for a large development like a ski resort. APublic benefits could extend to all manner of community projects – contribution of a wing or equipment for our new hospital, construction and maintenance of a cultural complex, endowment of a specialized educational division for Colorado Mountain College, underwriting construction of all or a portion of the Farmer’s Korner to Summit Cove rec path, endowment of college scholarships for the top (pick your number) Summit High graduates qualifying at a certain level of need, commitment to support of the Community Care Clinic for some number of years.QIf elected, would you vigorously uphold the “no new density” concept? Why or why not? AI’ll try to keep growth gradual; I’ll try to focus growth in developed areas; I’ll try to require transfers of development rights and contributions for public benefits; I’ll resist high rise and sprawl. But over the years every Summit County resident will have to live and deal with additional density in Summit County.QThe county’s budget is about $55 million annually. Is government spending its money wisely? AAfter 10 weeks in this office, I can say that my most significant impression is the depth and sophistication of our county staff. It is continually on the lookout for ways to save you money. Recent decisions to lease previously owned equipment should generate savings in the middle six figures, for example. A number of senior management positions have been eliminated.

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