Dobson’s anti-gay rhetoric foments hate in the name of goodness |

Dobson’s anti-gay rhetoric foments hate in the name of goodness

Letter-writer Robert Cooper (May 17) did not use the word “aspersion” correctly in his letter denigrating Erik Swanson as “utterly pathetic” in his portrayal of James Dobson. The definition is “false accusation.”

While I don’t know you nor your business, I do know your apparently resigned and tepid tolerance of gay people is not shared by James Dobson or his group, Focus on the Family.

I agree that calling the Associated Press or AP writer Jennifer Hamilton bigoted is not fair. But Swanson is closer to the mark with James Dobson. A very easy example of his anti-gay rhetoric can be found in Colorado’s now-illegal Amendment 2, which was authored specifically to eliminate existing discrimination protections for gay people seeking jobs or housing in Boulder, Denver and Aspen – some of the many cities that have passed laws to add “sexual orientation” to the federal protections already in place for race, origin, religion, ability, family status, gender and age.

Amendment 2, partially funded by Dobson’s Focus on the Family via Colorado for Family Values and passed in 1992, failed under even a conservative Supreme Court by a stunning 6-3 margin due to its violation of the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution. The amendment states no law can apply to one citizen differently than another. Further insight on Dobson and his “second civil war” to reestablish values (his words, not mine) can be found by picking up “James Dobson’s War on America” (Prometheus Books), written by his former right-hand man and radio talk show co-host – or just by doing some legwork and finding his quotes, because this is just a start down a long road of rhetoric from this man.

As far as a point of view as to homosexuality being an “illness,” the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association both state homosexuality is not mental illnesses. I don’t recall either being part of the homosexual lobby.

Further, regarding your cynical comment about “partnerships,” ask yourself: How does the legal recognition of a union between two people dilute the sanctity of your own? And wouldn’t it further promote such “family values” even further among people to allow people to have their bonds legally recognized? Why is it that a Gallup poll released last week indicated six out of 10 Americans support partnership rights, like the basic right for me to visit my partner in a hospital?

Perhaps it’s that most don’t see basic rights as “us versus them.” I don’t have, nor do I really care, about any supposed politically correct agenda – a claim about as useful as Hilary Clinton’s silly “vast right-wing conspiracy.” My life is pretty simple: I ask to be judged upon what I give back to my community, my co-workers, friends and loved ones – not my sexuality.

You don’t have to agree with Swanson’s use of “bigot.” Simple words like “ignorance” come to mind when describing people like Dobson who would like you to believe these principles somehow infringe upon their values because of my sexuality.

But the moment he or any other homophobe attempts to use false data, my God or my Constitution to promote fear, anger and different treatment of another for any reason, there exists an easy term that requires no dictionary: It’s called “hate.”

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