Doctor to lecture Wednesday about ‘improving quality of life’ |

Doctor to lecture Wednesday about ‘improving quality of life’

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FRISCO ” After her mom was diagnosed with cancer, Jannine Walldan saw the benefits of naturopathic medicine.

In addition to the allopathic medicine treatment her mom received, she visited a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist, Walldan said. And it was through that experience that Walldan developed an interest in alternative medicine.

“… it’s all about improving the quality of life,” said Walldan, ND, LAc.

Now, she is a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist at Sacred Tree in Breckenridge, and Wednesday she will be speaking at the Summit Cancer Support Group. The 7 p.m. meeting at the Summit Community and Senior Center is free and open to the public.

Some of what Walldan will address during the meeting is how food can improve mood, what foods help sustain the immune system and what diets and methods can help with cancer prevention. Often in her practice, she combines natural medicine and Ancient Chinese medicine and focuses on diet therapies.

A couple examples she gave of foods that can improve mood are oysters and pistachios. And for sustaining the immune system, antioxidants such as blueberries, raspberries, shiitake mushrooms and leafy greens are beneficial, she said.

Walldan, who is a recent graduate of Bastyr University, a natural medicine school in Seattle, arrived in Breckenridge last month.

Before graduating, she did her residency at a cancer center in Seattle. She has also worked at a fertility clinic, is fluent in Spanish and has a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and biology.

Before she saw the impact of natural medicine after her mom got sick, she planned to go into a pre-med program. Especially in terms of cancer, it is beneficial to look at health from both the perspective of Western medicine and natural medicine, Walldan said.

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