Don Chisholm MD: A Christian country |

Don Chisholm MD: A Christian country

Don Chisholm MD

President Obama you have told the world that “America is not a Christian Nation.” Recent editorial writers and prominent political operatives have labored hard to reaffirm that declaration. In the view of the law and precedent this is a true statement of fact: America’s Constitution prohibits an established national religion. Our founding fathers made it clear that Americans have the freedom and the right of the individual to believe in the religion or cult of their free choice with no over reaching mandate by the state.

But is the Judea-Christian 4,000-year heritage of law the guiding principles of our nation in its remarkable journey through history? As a young nation, one day we declared we had the gift of being endowed by our Creator as each individual with certain “unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” A few years later the French Revolution denied this Judea-Christian belief in the God-given laws of the Old and the New Testament seen as guide lines by a loving God. We had two centuries of wars trying to gain power and control of the body, soul, and mind of humans. They called it the “Enlightenment of Man” and tried to destroy all of the Judea-Christian influences of the past. They believed through education and the power of the elite, humans could reach a state of progressive improvement with scientific discovery to avoid the need for the myth of a creator god. Karl Marx moved the “progressive march of enlightened man” with the division of humans into classes and took the opium of the masses (religion) away. Marx and his godless philosophy appealed to many of those who lust and lusted for power i.e. Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and Chavez. Many, but not all, of the world know and remember the horrendous century of death and destruction that followed.

So far Americans have preserved their freedoms and God-given rights. And maybe in our hearts we are still imitating Christian principles enough to recognize that love (not hate or class warfare) keeps us the most remarkable and compassionate self-governing peoples the world has ever known. Maybe in our hearts we understand the greatest of a God-given act of love is to protect our families and nation by putting the lives of the bravest of Americans in harm’s way. We used those principles to fight the tyranny of our first war with the Barbary pirates and are fighting the same terrorist philosophy in our wars today. We used the Judea-Christian beliefs to fight the fascist dictators and godless communism threatening and still threatening all parts of the world. We lost so many brave loved ones but knew these to be just wars defending many peoples from all over the world.

We emancipated the black slaves with the bloodiest war of our history. Americans have graciously welcomed other races and nationalities willing to learn and follow our laws and Constitution. Laws that protect our lives, our families, our beliefs, and our nation.

No, Mr. Obama, we are not a Christian Nation but we act as a Christian Nation because of our gifts of faith, hope and love from a loving God. With the help of His strength, courage and wisdom we can defend as a free people against all the evils of the world.

So help us as a leader of a Christian-like country Mr. Obama. So help us God.

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