Don Daigle: Follow the money |

Don Daigle: Follow the money

Last Tuesday, Martin Hertzberg, a scientist and no right-wing nut, gave a presentation about global warming. He doesn’t agree that man has much influence on global warming.

There is pending legislation that has major economic impact on our nation, and we should be looking at costs and who benefits.

Obama, while campaigning, has said that this cap/trade legislation would cause our energy bills ($400 billion in costs over 10 years) to skyrocket and have little benefit for the environment, but it is necessary. Obama has been financially supported by the likes of GE, Al Gore and others who stand to make billions. Don’t forget that cap/trade and carbon credits are the brainchildren of those thieves at Enron.

Recall when “Inconvenient Truth” first came out with its slick graphs and pictures. The major graph showing the direct parallel between temperature rise and CO2 had a quirk. Temperature rise predated CO2 increases by several decades. Al Gore and others still swear that this graph shows that CO2 causes temperature rise. You would have to believe that pregnancy causes sex to agree with Gore.

Other planets have experienced the same temperature fluctuations. Solar activity better parallels changes than CO2. Hurricanes follow the historical model, not the climate models. Ocean and surface temperatures are down contrary to climate models.

Recall the “coming ice age” fear back in the ’70s? Same folks. The leaked e-mails from East Anglia showed that climate change advocates have been willing to lie to keep their funding. Not many grants go to people who studies show that there isn’t much to fear. Lose the edge, lose the funding.

Follow the money. There are many interests who stand to make billions from a bill that Obama has said would cost us much with little benefits for the environment.

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