Don Daigle: Miller no moderate |

Don Daigle: Miller no moderate

Don Daigle

Alex Miller must be a vampire. For he must not see his reflection when looking in the mirror when he laments about the decline of the moderate.

Not so many weeks ago, Mr. Miller said that any person who did not agree with his version of man-made global warming must be a flat-earth believer. Now is that a moderate position to take? The moderate position to take, to Mr. Miller, must be like Al Gore and others who equate those who have doubts about man-made global warming to the holocaust deniers.

For people to wrongly call Obama a Muslim is extreme. How about when Sen. Chuck Schumer has questioned if a traditional Catholic is fit to sit on any federal bench? That certainly must be a reasoned and moderate approach.

What is this fixation on Glenn Beck? I saw clips of the rally of CNN, MSNBC, Fox and other outlets. And while the religious tone and call to action might not be my cup of tea, I didn’t see anything as extreme and hateful as what was at a Code Pink rally. No signs about Obama being a traitor or that America is evil.

For several years George Bush was president and the Democrats were the minority party. Even with all the hateful words said about him by the leadership of the minority party, he never once used as divisive language as Barrack Obama. Obama, like Gore and Miller, believes anyone who disagrees with him must be a moron or bad.

The reality is that Mr. Miller is as extreme as Mr. Beck, just from a different side of the spectrum. If anything, Glenn Beck at least pays lip service to being understanding of the other side. Mr. Miller will print letters that he disagrees with, but he is openly contemptuous and hateful of those he disagrees with in his writings.

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