Donald Chisholm MD: America’s big mistake |

Donald Chisholm MD: America’s big mistake

Donald Chisholm MD

America is about to make the greatest mistake in its 233-year history. Americans know they are about to lose their right to life, liberty and the pursuit to happiness in the secret tyranny of the “Health Reform Bill.” We no longer will be protected by the unalienable rights we proclaimed our creator gave us in the Declaration of Independence.

This brave declaration made us uniquely free and truly the “World’s last great hope.”

The closed door legislation was forged, not by the governed, but by the governing elite. This is live or die legislation that will essentially force all Americans to turn to government for our basic rights. If a right can be given by government it can be taken away by government. Our freedom and liberty will be taken away from us for our individual basic life and death decisions. Those most affected will be the most vulnerable of Americans. These are the young (abortion on demand for all women who “choose” abortion for their child will be paid for by every taxpayer.) And the elderly will have huge cuts in government Medicare programs and an already failed Medicaid for the poor.

Huge and unsustainable increase in taxes for all Americans will be needed to meet the mandated insurance but reduced coverage for true medical care. We already have a national debt of over $340,000 for every women, man and child in our country. State-mandated health insurance will incurred trillions of new taxes over this already huge debt.

Common sense is a gift of God for all humans. Americans have a strong sense of what is sense and what is non-sense. We are endowed with the freedom in America to use common sense to make our own decisions, especially life and death health decisions for our own good and the good of our family.

If this tragic mistake of state controlled health insurance mandates is signed into law we will join the sad world of totalitarian government control and lose forever the freedom that was America and is no more.

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