Donald R. Cochran: Calling all socialists |

Donald R. Cochran: Calling all socialists

In their 27 July response to my earlier letter, the Drs. Hertzberg vilify as judicial malfeasance and fraud our Supreme Court’s January ruling allowing corporations, unions and other associations the same free speech rights as individuals when promoting their favorite candidates. While it may require voters to pay more attention to message sponsors, any intelligent citizen understands that unions and corporations have always shunned the free market and encouraged (bought) government controls whenever such restrictions harmed or deterred their competitors. It is likewise normal for human politicians to deliver for contributors. The corporations look out for themselves just as each individual should. The only solution is to reestablish freedom and for us to demand that politicians at all levels of government stop dishing out exemptions or benefits to anyone!

The Drs. Hertzberg then claim not to understand my “professorial ignorance” phrase and suggest that government should arrange “more equal” distribution of wealth and health care like the “exemplary democracies” of the European Union.

The Hertzbergs, like most tenured (or retired) university professors have a problem distinguishing between free and forced, especially if they are part of the forcers. Their cohorts generally believe that government has no business interfering with personal freedoms such as speech/religion etc, but that truly free markets can not be trusted to matchlessly supply exactly what people want and need without government controls. Thus, professors really believe that wealth itself and, e.g., health care just magically materialize and are to be dispensed by government as advised by benevolent professor philosopher kings who are uniquely able to interpret “from each according to her ability, to each according to his need.”

Maybe the progressive dictators of the Hertzbergs’ favorite “exemplary democracy” in the EU will allow them, upon emigration, to assist in the “valid and worthy goal” of controlling the lives of their fellow citizens. They’d better hurry though, because both the EU and the Euro are doomed.

You see, not only do individuals not like to be forced to pay other people’s bills, neither do totally disparate countries.

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