Donald R Cochran: Enough war lunacy |

Donald R Cochran: Enough war lunacy

Donald R Cochran

Rich Mayfield (Sept. 5 column) says he is confused and morally conflicted over our military’s killing Afghans because this war is (purportedly) different: (allegedly) driven by religious fanatics and (possibly) unwinnable. He asks if it’s worth it. Short answer: Hell no! It’s illegal and immoral. Rich, there is no need to be confused.

After decades of bankrupt, meddlesome foreign policy, we had no problem with the Taliban running Afghanistan. There was no evidence at all of Taliban teaming with Osama on 9/11. But when they refused to turn over Osama, King George got pissed and started another undeclared war to install the CIA’s man Karzai. After eight years of meddling in that country’s civil war, we got – surprise! – another predictable nest of US haters.

The military-industrial-political cabal that runs the U.S. empire (the one Ike warned about) knows no one, no where, can conceivably threaten the bloated U.S. military, thus the only bad guys left to chase are the terrible terrorists (a few rag-tag al-Qaidans) and the dastardly druglords. So to boost the Pentagon’s billions to fund our totally superfluous world-wide troop outposts, we bomb poppy fields and pot patches! What a joke! A sickening joke to be sure. It’s time to end the charade!

Forget the health care “town halls.” Obama should invite all of us near-bankrupt taxpayers to Foreign Policy Forums. There, empire-obsessed State and DOD big shots would try to convince us why it would be wrong to quit the entire Middle East. What would they say when we said, ” Why stop there? Why do we have troops in Japan, Korea, and all over Europe decades after the wars have ended. What would have been wrong with allowing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, thousands of Afghans, not to mention thousands of GI’s (including 700 newly dead in Afghanistan) to live to play with their grandchildren?”

Then, when out of legitimate threats, with little to do and fat paychecks dwindling, no doubt the generals and cohorts would get the Hill to authorize a new unconstitutional mission of domestic drug police…or maybe King Obama would grant it by fiat while the Supreme Court watched.

We should counter by joining the growing world-wide chorus. Let’s legalize drugs and end that stupid, never-ending war too! Let’s stop meddling with other countries, friend or foe, and reestablish freedom here. Let’s bring all overseas troops home and discharge them into our comatose economy and divvy up the massive savings among all of us.

You finance this lunacy! You can demand it end. It won’t be easy, but it can be done. Remember “Network.” Let’s get “mad as hell and not take it anymore!” Let’s start now!

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