Donald Thomas: Health care reform serves the people |

Donald Thomas: Health care reform serves the people

In my 60 years, other than the civil rights legislation of the 1960s, nothing debated in Washington, is more fully directed to serve, to promote the American ideal than the health care bill. While we voters may look with a jaundiced eye toward other reform, wondering whose special interest this bill is protecting or attacking, the fundamental care of a nation for its people must be exercised vigorously to force special interests to back away and for the nation and its legislators to protect that most basic value, that of health and life itself.

When its average citizens and their efforts to help themselves, trapped and struggling in the throes of their “life and death” needs are overwhelmed by the might of an interest, such as insurance companies, Uncle Sam is called upon to break it down, to level the playing field a bit.

Historically, the US protects its taxpayers from the forceful hand of monopolists. Democracy itself, serves to protect citizens from the abuse and extortion of special interest politicians that we used to call kings and queens. Am I right? That idea caught on worldwide. Solid concept.

Whether the culprit is oil, transportation or other burgeoning special interest industry, we roll up our sleeves and we do this. Life, not money, is at stake. Has a special interest group ever had more money at stake? While the tobacco industry has been dealt with, the goal there was to protect the interest of users who truly were or were to be users by discretionary choice … those desperate health needs of injured, sick and aging citizens are not developed by choice.

Has the US citizen at large, ever had more at stake?

Whom does our government represent? Why? Argument done.

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