Don’t blame the equipment for collisions on the mountain |

Don’t blame the equipment for collisions on the mountain

This letter is in response to David Chisholm, M.D., and, frankly, any other letters with the half-developed idea that it would be in any way acceptable or feasible to separate skiers and snowboarders.

It is always tragic when there is a collision between snowriders, especially when it involves an injury, but please, don’t blame the tool.

I’ve lived in Colorado my entire life, and believe me, I’ve been popped on the slopes more than once by (gasp) skiers. As a skier myself, I admit to even being in a bump or two myself when I was of more novice ability, and I can assure you that the method of transport had zero to do with any accident I’ve been involved with.

Truly, when the first letter was printed from some twit regarding the idea of separate ski/snowboarding areas on the hill, it was laughable to me, not worthy of a response. 

But when people did respond, it somehow added a dash of credibility to this dumbest of ideas. But please, this absolutely tired analogy, comparing football and basketball to skiing and snowboarding, is a big reach.

Basketball uses hardwood, football uses turf, while skiing and boarding use the exact same slopes. If you actually try snowboarding some day, you might notice how similar the sports actually are.

When you buy your pass, you do accept all the risks inherent within the entire realm of the sport.

That means accepting the fact someone, somewhere on the hill, might run in to you – once again, regardless of what is strapped on the feet.

Can we please all just grow up and accept that bad things can happen in this life, and sometimes there’s just nobody to blame.

So, sorry your femur was broken, but you ask at the end of your letter what I think. I think your idea is stupid, with a capital “S.” If not sharing the hill with snowboarders is a huge concern to you, try Taos. It’s beautiful there.

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