Don’t give in to Home Depot |

Don’t give in to Home Depot

Bill and Charlette CurtisSouth Lyon, Mich.

We’ve been coming out to your fine county for more than 10 years. It is beautiful, fresh and vibrant.Our five adult children and our grandchildren have visited frequently as well. They enjoy the area as much as we do. While we love our Michigan, we also appreciate the unique shops and restaurants of in the county, as well as your Colorado scenery and the fresh mountain air. Even the grocery stores and gas stations are different out there!We like the smoking ban at restaurants, too. But I heard recently that you are considering building a massive big box in Frisco.That would be a real shame, taking away from the town’s extraordinary quaintness. I hope you folks give it some real thought before giving in to another typical commercial sprawl. Don’t become ordinary. Say it ain’t so.