Don’t marginalize political factions; now,let’s vote out the Bush-Cheney junta |

Don’t marginalize political factions; now,let’s vote out the Bush-Cheney junta

Martin Hertzberg, Copper Mountain

On the issue of global warming, I am pleased to agree again with my friend Gordon Lilly and his July 30 letter. He properly chastises President Bush for pandering to the “Neanderthals” of the religious right who threaten our educational and scientific progress and values, and for Bush’s backing of the antiballistic missile and manned space flight “boondoggles” to the tune of at least $60 billion and $20 billion, respectively.However, I was saddened by his reference to the “radical left-wing elements” in the Democratic party, in which he uses the same “ad hominem” arguments he criticizes his “liberal friends” for using in their opposition to Bush. So, let’s stick to the issues and the facts in our political discourse and avoid marginalizing people on the basis of their position in the political spectrum of communists, leftists, liberals, conservatives, reactionaries and fascists.The central issue that Gordon does not address, however, is the $200 billion cost of the Iraq war and the lies and distortions that Bush and Cheney used to justify it.We are not just talking here about a “boondoggle,” but about the lost lives of some one thousand American soldiers and some tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians. Their blood is being shed as billions of our tax dollars line the pockets of the war profiteers in the Cheney/Halliburton and Bush/Carlyle Group/Saudi Royal Family connections. I regret that Gordon may abstain from voting this year. Four more years of the Bush-Cheney junta will probably lead to “four more wars” with the other “Axis of Evil” enemies, and the further shedding of innocent blood, as the Bush/Cheney war profiteers keep lining their pockets with billions. All the while, our Nation’s deficit will continue to grow, leaving our grandchildren to pay for our lack of diligence in curbing the irresponsible behavior of the current administration. Martin HertzbergCopper Mountain

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