Don’t oversimplify your reasoning |

Don’t oversimplify your reasoning

Some letter writers love oversimplification. Also, they would have those of us who oppose President Bush accept our fate and keep quiet.For example, one of these writers informed the high school student concerned about the matter, that Representative Charles Rangle, a Democrat, had introduced a bill to re-institute the draft. This writer neglected to include the fact that Rangle, an African-American, had introduced the bill in protest. First, Rangle wanted all Americans to accept responsibility if Bush were to take us into a war in Iraq. Second, the congressman wanted to remind us that minority Americans carried the burden disproportionately in Vietnam. Finally, when for their purposes, the Republican leadership brought his bill to a vote, Rangle voted against it.Another writer informed us that the wealthiest Americans are paying more taxes than the rest of us and that they are paying more than they had been before the Bush tax cuts. For two reasons, it’s not surprising that the wealthiest Americans are paying more taxes. First, we have a progressive tax system. Second, over the past 20 years, the income of the wealthiest Americans has grown between 150 percent and 200 percent, and Bush policies continue to support this trend. By contrast, over the same period, middle class income has risen 3.5 percent and income of the working poor has decreased. Finally, the Bush tax cuts gave the wealthiest Americans about a 4 percent reduction while the average middle class household received about 1 percent on a much smaller income. In other words, Bush policies are transferring increasing wealth to the wealthiest.Yet another writer informs us that “our nation was formed by individuals (who) didn’t agree with what was happening in Europe.” He ignores the fact that those “individuals” were essentially transplanted white, Protestant, European males imbued with the theories of Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and other European social philosophers. And these “individuals” were aided by whom? Was it, by chance, the French?As long as the Bush administration remains in office, the smug among us must be reminded that while some of his supporters and Bush himself dupe many of us with simplistic arguments, his policies continue to assault our best interests while favoring those of an increasingly powerful aristocracy of the wealthy.

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