Don’t penalize SHS skiers for our snow |

Don’t penalize SHS skiers for our snow

Warren BishopSummit County

Re: SHS skiers have unfair advantage (Daily Mail, Feb. 24)Well congratulations, Mr. Varga, you have just opened a whole can of worms that you have no idea about! For starters, whether someone does or does not have a coat does not mean they are sponsored.I myself am a Summit High alumni. I raced downhill for the school district, as well as for the Copper Mountain Ski Team, and moved to the Summit Ski Team. Before, the Breckenridge Ski Club, Copper Mountain Ski Team and the Summit Ski Team where merged to create Team Summit. Each team had its own racers, own coats, own fees and all of us went to the same high school with its own CHSAA team. Then, just as now, the school’s teams and Team Summit have no affiliation, other than the kids attend the same public school system. The coaches were different, the schedules were different, and the teams were very different. No CHSAA rules were broken. Most families who live here don’t have the funding to have a child race. The majority of them are blue-collar workers who have to make ends meet. Some parents working more than one job, just like on the Front Range. Most families have at least one parent who works at a resort, so there is a dependent pass that is a perk, but you still need equipment, which many times is rented for a cheap yearly rate – or you borrow. The families that don’t have the extensive capital to fund USSA racing but want to race, race at the same level for the school. I know many kids who only ski for the school with their own equipment. Some kids have the ability to ski for a club and the school. That is why you will see a Team Summit coat. You don’t want to punish a kid because they only have one coat! There are kids who can’t do both school and club racing for time reasons, money, or they have a sponsor. I know of a couple times that a student was told that they had to choose either the school team or the USSA team for that specific reason. I had a close friend drop a sponsor to ski for the high school. So next time you’re a timekeeper, you might want to pay attention to see who else is with the middle school and high school teams. So in short what I am reading in your opinion, you want to punish the children of Summit County, Middle Park, Steamboat, Aspen, Vail and Evergreen because their families live where they have access to the resource of a ski resort. It sounds like to me that most of the school districts in the state would be disqualified for where they live and taking natural advantage of that area. Sounds like a very boring scholastic sports year.

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