Don’t punish the students by votingno on the bond issue and mill levy |

Don’t punish the students by votingno on the bond issue and mill levy

Marina LarsonSilverthorne

Recent letters to the paper have advocated a no vote on the upcoming school bond and mill levy measures. The force behind these letters appears to be anger at the school board for the expenses relating to the termination of Dr. Lynn Spampinato’s contract, and a determination not to give the board more money to “waste.”A no vote on this basis would not punish the school board, however, only the students of Summit County. Whether or not Dr. Spampinato’s termination is one you agree with, the board was faced with a critical decision.A superintendent can have a profound impact, be it positive or negative, on the district he or she runs. Retaining a superintendent after a determination that the impact is likely to be negative, just because of money issues, would be a dereliction of the board’s duty to the students of the district.It would be like continuing to see (or perhaps not see) a doctor who you did not like or trust, because they were the cheapest doctor in town, when you could afford better. Most of us would not place our health at risk in this situation, and the board made the hard choice to not place our children at risk, either. We, the public, don’t know exactly what these risks were, since Dr. Spampinato chooses not to reveal the reasons for her termination and the board cannot do so. (Now why does this sound familiar?)What we should recognize, however, is that the time to raise this issue is at the next school board election, by running for office (it’s unpaid and a whole lot of hours) or actively supporting someone who is. Voting no on the bond issue and the mill levy will result in a reduction in the number of teachers, and loss of the opportunity for expanded vocational facilities at the high school.Voting no on the mill levy will only delay needed remodeling of the middle school, and place the taxpayers at risk of far greater expenses in the future should it need to be replaced entirely.Voting no on the bond issue and mill levy will only hurt the students of Summit County. The price of these two issues is a small one (SDN, Aug. 31), and actually reduces taxes from last year. The intended uses of the funds are clear and have been well-publicized in other articles in the paper. So please, support Summit County’s students, and vote yes when the time comes.

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