Don’t run advertisements for Bernese mountain dogs |

Don’t run advertisements for Bernese mountain dogs

I have been a Summit County resident for five years, my husband more than 20. We read the Summit Daily News and find it, in general, a great mountain newspaper and usually socially responsible. My husband and I own two Bernese mountain dogs and are very active in our local and national organization. We also are active through the American Kennel Club. Recently we noticed in the pet ads, “Bernese mountain dog for sale,” and an attached Missouri phone number. Missouri is one of the biggest puppy mill states in the country and you can probably be sure that if someone from Missouri is trying to sell Bernese Mountain dogs in Summit County, they are more than likely from a puppy mill. I called and spoke with your ad folks and voiced my concerns. While they listened to my concerns they seemed more concerned on the money they made off the ad and were not concerned about any particular screening they could do (i.e. maybe just allow ads from local breeders which would cut down on the amount of support given to puppy mills). Not only did they turn a deaf ear to my concerns but when the ad was renewed, they even gave it an extra, “New Today” icon to draw extra attention to it.We have all seen the sadness of how puppy mill dogs are raised. Legitimate breeders can be found through local clubs of any breed. Our club has a specific breeder referral to responsible breeders who breed happy healthy Bernese Mountains dogs. Our club has a permanent ad in The Denver Post discouraging any purchase of pure bred Bernese mountain dogs from newspaper ads. The American Kennel Club also highly discourages the purchasing of purebred dogs through newspaper ads. Often people find these pups to be cheap when compared to breeder prices. But what is cheap? Bernese mountain dogs have a genetic cancer that can kill a young Berner in just a week. They also have genetic hip dysplasia. Responsible breeders study 10 generation pedigrees, and X-ray their breeding stock to help minimize the chances of these problems. They also require applications from potential pet owners, so that their pups get good homes with responsible owners. They do not advertise their pups five states away. Our club has heard countless stories of pups bought from puppy mills and auctions in Missouri that have had thousands of dollars in vet bills, and have often died way too young. Please eliminate at least the out-of-state ads.

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