Don’t terrorize the tourists |

Don’t terrorize the tourists

Ira Wertenteil Silverthorne

Last week my sister came out with her three kids and husband and they rented a condo at Copper Mountain. They are the ideal ski guests. The premium three bedroom condo rental. Eating out every night. Full Price lift tickets. Rentals. Shopping. And they stop at the local real estate office just to “see.” The trip was going pretty well till a person claiming to be the property manager rudely accused them of parking illegally in the condo parking lot. The car had a proper parking permit hanging from the rear view mirror, good from Dec. 26-30, but the property manager didn’t know what day it was and even though it was Dec. 28 she insisted that the permit which was valid through Dec. 30 had expired 3 days earlier. So she called to have the car towed and wouldn’t even consider our pleas to check a calendar or to check with the lodging office. My niece was crying hysterically not understanding why this complete stranger was “being so mean to us” and the rest of us were just in shock that our only remaining option was to hang out and wait for the tow truck driver instead of heading out to the slopes. It was insane. I felt compelled to write this letter because as full time residents we all have to remember that “touristsî” are not the enemy and that if we terrorize the “tourists” or let our employees terrorize the “tourists” that the quality of life that we all enjoy as full time residents will be in jeopardy. Our restaurants, retail stores, recreation centers, and even our home values are all based on “tourists” having positive experiences here. Clearly what happened to my family was uncalled for, mean spirited and completely unacceptable. We full-time residents need to stop for a second and think about how we treat our tourist neighbors when we see them in our parking lots, retail stores, slopes, restaurants and streets, because our quality of life depends on them.

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