Donze: Gilman article a breath of fresh air |

Donze: Gilman article a breath of fresh air

Terry Donze

Re: “If not here, where,” by Sarah Gilman, Writers on the Range, Dec. 5

Thank you for the balanced article on the oil industry by Sarah Gilman, rather than the usual bashing delivered endlessly by left-leaning media types. She hit the nail on the head regarding the “I want” attitude of today’s society butting up against its diametrically opposed NIMBY (not-in-my-backyard) attitude. It is not a case of being “addicted to oil” as George Bush said, it is a case of being “spOILed” by all of the things we’ve created using oil and energy, which is the title of a documentary discussing this issue. With all of the hype regarding fracking being published, most of which is alarmist nonsense since wells have been fracked for over 60 years, is it any wonder why the people of Paonia and the North Fork Valley have been scared to death about drilling a hole in the ground? They have been led to believe all of the falsehoods in the movie “Gasland” regardless of their veracity. The statements in that movie were refuted not only by scientific evidence but also in a short documentary titled “Truthland.” Information about both “spOILed” and “Truthland” is readily accessible on the Internet. I suggest all of your readers check them both out, because it is becoming more and more difficult to determine what the media is not telling us. Gilman’s article was a breath of fresh air. Yours truly,

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