DooWop Denny’s last big summer party |

DooWop Denny’s last big summer party

KIMBERLY NICOLETTIsummit daily news

DooWop Denny had a bit of a momentous summer in Summit County. While a bike crash on June 24 forced him to take two weeks off- after docs had to surgically remove tree bark from his leg- Denny also performed to his largest crowd ever, at the Dillon Amphitheatre in July.”It was wonderful, just a real high of 40 years of playing music,” he said of the Dillon experience.Tonight he plays his annual Rockin’ Oldies Dance Party at the Silverthorne Pavilion. Though Denny always draws a good crowd, this one brings in people who love dancing to his feel-good mix of rockin’ oldies, island tunes and doowop memories.”This (gig) is a little different – it’s a true dance,” Denny said, explaining that the wooden floor allows people’s feet to slide properly as they boogie. “People really get up and dance.”And though he said “the real dancers come out” at the pavilion, you certainly don’t need to be schooled in the way of groovy steps; he promises “to bring out the rock ‘n’ roll kid in you.”Denny, aka Denny Foley, has been doowopin’ it up in Summit County for the past 13 summers, particularly with weekly shows at Blue Spruce Inn.His audience, predominantly baby boomers, grew up grooving to the fresh sounds of Motown and witnessed the birth of rock ‘n’ roll. Now, Denny’s keeping it alive by performing from a catalogue of more than 250 covers predominantly from the 1950s and ’60s, though he throws in perennial favorites like Jimmy Buffett and country classics from the ’90s.And, if you don’t catch him at the pavilion, he’ll be in town – before he returns to his home in Florida – until Sept. 15, with his last gig at the Blue Spruce on Sept. 11.”It was just a real fun summer,” he said, “and I got to meet a lot of new friends from different areas.”

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