Doug Trieste: Congress turns its back on the unemployed |

Doug Trieste: Congress turns its back on the unemployed

Doug Trieste

It is difficult to understand how someone is so uninformed and then has the audacity to publish such uninformed views!

Mr. Liddick is implying that if people collect unemployment benefits, then that is a deterrent for them to want to work or look for work. Ouch! Earth to Liddick: There are few jobs out there!

People want to work. They have bills. They have family. They like to eat. They have children to feed. They don’t want to lose their homes. They want a life. The amount of money that can be received via unemployment benefits is a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of living.

I’d love to see the song Liddick sings if he is unemployed and needs money to live on. And he is likely drawing a huge salary and can’t relate – like many in Congress. They are drawing fat salaries, haven’t passed an extension for unemployment benefits as of the first week of June, 2010, and then they go on July 4 holiday recess and leave unemployment benefits recipients hanging.

Without the funds to take care of everyday bills, individuals and their families suffer. And as more and more families suffer, goods and service providers suffer in a ripple effect. Department of Labor estimates that by the time Congress returns from its July Fourth holiday recess (on July 14), there could be as many as two million people who have lost their benefits, beginning with the first week of June. By that time, the cost to the economy would likely be in the billions. But the cost to each unemployed individual and family affected is incalculable.

Our government threw away billions of dollars in Stimulus Package money to bail out banks (only to be spent on bonus money for executives), large corporations, and for unnecessary projects. But you are saying that to help out the ordinary, hard working American citizen – with pocket change money compared to bailout money – is wrong? This is very, very distorted, sir. Come on Liddick. What people need during these difficult times is support – not harassment and criticism.

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