Doug Trieste: New Village clock too much |

Doug Trieste: New Village clock too much

Doug Trieste

I was driving into Breckenridge on Friday night and thought there was a full moon to the south just above the horizon. It was a very large, round, bright, blinding white light that dominates the skyline. Then I realized that is the Village at Breckenridge’s new clock tower. Wow! That is something one sees on the Sixteenth Street Mall in Denver and doesn’t fit in with the Town of Breckenridge architecture and ambiance.

There has been much hype in the past regarding controlling light pollution, not having garish lighting, and maintaining the gaslight district ambiance. What was the town thinking when this very bright round light perched above the streets of Breckenridge was approved? It would behoove the town’s appearance – and greatly reduce light pollution – to tone the brightness down to the level of the “gas lights,” or eliminate its light completely.

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