Douglas Johnson: You must be the monopoly guy! |

Douglas Johnson: You must be the monopoly guy!

Douglas JohnsonFrisco, CO Colorado

Heres something in retort to Bob Nortons extremely offensive and small-minded attack on, how did he put it, low achievers. Mr. Norton, your fairy tale of this economy and Summit in general is outrageous, sourly small minded and incorrect at best. One question for you: Who is going to serve your lattes if people cannot afford to live here?Reality is that people who fill the lower-end jobs need a place to call home as we cant all sleep in the park. Yes, there are some properties that havent sold, but if you actually left the county youd know that jobs are declining and have been for more than a year and its near impossible to get any sort of credit. Im personally sitting on three properties that have no chance in selling any time soon. Your tax base argument is pity potty as these people dont live here so they shouldnt have a vote.Secondly, the article by Morgan was at best laughable. You have the audacity to compare living here with early 20th-century immigration? What? No one is forced to live here and lets start with these small-minded jabs at the people that even give you a reason to leave the house. There would be no grocery stores, stores, bars, restaurants, clean streets, holiday lights, people to launch your boats, ski resorts and, more importantly, there wouldnt be you here. What I mean is that the economy here is solely based on these people that are being attacked as low lifes and burdens of the state. For what? Wanting a place to raise a family that doesnt involve an out-of-town landlord? Im very disappointed, but not surprised by this indignant attitude. Affordable housing is the way to keep this county young and vibrant. We arent all over 50 with portfolios and private bankers. I expect this attitude in Lake Forest, IL, but not here.

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