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Dr. Martin Hertzberg: Electric power system ‘ain’t broke’

President Obama clearly intends to make sure that British Petroleum is held financially accountable for their irresponsible behavior in causing the ecological disaster in the Gulf, and he properly warns of our dangerous dependence on imported oil, and of the limited resource base for that oil. But then he illogically conflates our imported petroleum problem with all fossil fuels. Currently, all the coal and natural gas that supply the overwhelming majority of our electric power are entirely produced domestically. Their production is no threat to our beaches or our fishing industry, and we have many centuries of proven reserves for them both. That system for electric power production “ain’t broke, and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Obama then argues even more illogically for a renewable energy program that will solve that dangerous dependence on fossil fuels, completely ignoring the fact that renewable sources such as solar and wind power will not produce a drop of the petroleum we currently need for the transportation sector of the economy.

The Obama Administration and Colorado’s Democratic politicians are not thinking clearly: their “green energy” program will require enormous subsidies, will be unreliable in their supply of electricity, will create fewer jobs than our current coal and gas industries, and will have no effect on our imported petroleum dependency. It is being advocated to satisfy the egos and lust for power of environmental propagandists and lobbyists whose incessant fear-mongering about human-caused “climate change/global warming” is a proven fraud.

It never ceases to amaze me at how many otherwise intelligent people have been taken in by that hoax. It is resulting in extreme policies that will seriously damage our economy and will sabotage the one thing we have going for us: the effectiveness and reliability of our electric power generating system.

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