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Dr. Ruth S. Hertzberg: Bolshevik, Egyptian revolutions totally different

On a day when most off us are celebrating the removal of Hosni Mubarak, why must we read yet another article by Morgan Liddick criticizing this achievement of the Egyptian people and the reaction of our own government? Is he some kind of specialist on modern revolution who thinks he can predict the future of revolutions?

First of all he cites the first of two Russian revolutions – also filled with hope wherein Russia’a allies (some of them) congratulated themselves. This unplanned revolution occurred in February or March 1917 (depending which calendar you use) in the middle of World War I (which the U.S. had not entered as yet). Then says, Mr. Liddick, the Bolsheviks overthrew the “liberal” government of Alexander Kerenski and Georgy Lvov (Prince Lvov) in October or November 1917. It seems to me this so-called provisional government collapsed because it continued to try to fight in World War I. It was overthrown by a very carefully planned coup d’etat, led by Lenin and Trotski, which sure enough ushered in 74 years of rule by the Bolsheviks, who renamed themselves the Communists. The Bolshevik Revolution used to be considered one of the world’s most important revolutions. There is no parallel whatever between the situation in Egypt today and that of Russia in 1917.

Likewise the Muslim brotherhood, which Mr. Liddick fears will gain power, has nothing at all in common with the Bolsheviks. Why frame this otherwise joyous event (the Egyptian Revolution) with Cold War overtones?

Nor does Mr. Liddick miss an opportunity to criticize the Obama administration for asking Mr. Mubarak to step down. He evidently wants us to continue to support a tyrant, despised by his people, even if we go against our most basic principles and are on the wrong side of history. He sees no great victory in the mostly non-violent uprising of the Egyptian people who are only seeking their human rights and the benefits of what they see as real democracy.

As for me, I am pretty sick of reading the writing of a such a short-sighted mean-spirited person … but twice a week. That’s too much. May all his predictions of gloom and doom in Egypt prove to be totally wrong. May the Egyptian people and all people throughout the Middle East see a new birth of freedom in which they experience free elections and the end of torture and tyrants. Insh’allah … may it be so.

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