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Dr. Ruth S. Hertzberg: Not a Fanning fan

Dr. Ruth S. Hertzberg
Copper Mountain

I hope the column authored by John Fanning is NOT the first of a series of right-wing columns featuring lies, exaggerations and unsubstantiated nonsense to which Monday readers will be subjected in the future. I hardly think any Americans (certainly not South Americans or Central Americans ) feel insulted by Mr. Obama’s remarks. (Mr. Fanning, in his arrogance, assumes that everyone knows that by Americans he means residents of the US.) Nor do I think that most U.S. citizens were insulted. Rather, I think if polls are correct, that most U.S. citizens are proud to have a president like Barack Obama. They are proud to have a president who tells the truth, who admits previous errors and promises to live up to high ideals we have proclaimed as our own. I would like to remind Mr. Fanning that nobody threw shoes at our new president.

I do not think he insulted any veterans of the Battle of the Bulge (World War II) nor can he be criticized for admitting that we are the only nation/state to have used the atomic bomb in war at Hiroshima, Japan. The foregoing is an uncontested fact. But I do not remember our president making any of the so-called insulting statements, again and again. Nor do I even recall his insulting his predecessor.

I am glad that Mr. Obama tried to turn a new page with our neighbors in South and Central America. Our history of imperialist aggrandizement with regard to most of them is quite clear to anyone who studies the subject. Would Mr. Fanning have us engage in never-ending war with these countries in addition to war in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Mr. Fanning does not seem to realize that the Cold War is over and that a new way of dealing with foreign policy problems is being developed. Such a new policy can only improve our position in the world. Please Mr. Editor, do not torture us with outdated, vengeful and stupid diatribes from people who do not realize a new day has dawned.

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