Drive to explore space and learn lost in tax breaks, consumerism |

Drive to explore space and learn lost in tax breaks, consumerism

This letter is in response to people’s concern over the benefits of space exploration in light of the recent tragedy.

I agree that placing our hope in the possibility of other-planet colonization is a bit far-fetched at this point, and a little askew of the real rewards of exploring space – especially when our focus needs to be on solutions that don’t concern running away from our problems on Earth.

However, space exploration is, and always has been, a noble pursuit of science for further understanding our universe, physics, biology our environment- and ultimately – for improving our way of life on earth.

Also, it seems people don’t look toward the future as much as we did in recent decades. Exploring space is a symptom of our craving a better future with more understanding and the willingness to take the risks which our brave astronauts knowingly commit to.

People wonder about spending billions of dollars exploring space, while lately, America seems perfectly content with Internet shopping and Internet pornography, commercials featuring hot chicks, voting on television programs via their cell phones, and a variety of mass-produced fodder provided by those hellholes of consumerism like Target, Wal-Mart and Best Buy.

The government money that could be put toward the noble cause of space exploration instead goes toward tax breaks so more Americans can buy even bigger and more fuel-inefficient cars to tote their families in.

All this is their prerogative, of course, and I won’t contest it, but sadly, this society has shamefully mired itself in these luxuries while abandoning any unified sense of purpose toward the future.

I say we don’t discard something that promotes the fundamental human drive to understand, explore and learn – even if it costs us our Starbucks hot mocha latte.

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