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Drug ring busted

In the May 31 issue of the SDN, I read the “Drug Rings Busted” article, and have a few comments …The article says that the suspected ring leader has been deported “from the county” twice before, for assault. It seems this goes on a lot with illegals here in the county, many times they come back with new papers and a different name. Last word was that some of the suspects are on hold for the INS. This could be a free ride to the border for these alien perps – the state line more likely – and then they’re back in a month.I’m hoping that the county might institute a mode of dealing with criminals as well as criminal illegal aliens similar to that of Maricopa County Arizona’s Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. Our own County Sheriff should tell the INS boys that he has the situation under control. Tell them that he will handle things in order to be sure that the proper sentence is carried out upon conviction, right here here in the county. I would pay money to see these “drug dealers” shivering as they are made to cut their own fire wood with just a bow-saw … wearing cute little Pink undies in the middle of December all locked up securely in a fenced-in tent jail. That would properly serve them what they deserve.Tearing down a country by subverting it’s youth with drugs and destructive ideas, prey easily on the young impressionable mind, this tactic is as old as history itself. It is Psyco-guerilla-warfare and is a terrorist act being committed in this case by several illegal Foreign Nationals on the youth of Summit County!And then there are the kids themselves. Most of us came to Summit County in an attempt to spare our children the horrible pressure of this type of temptation. The fact that drugs and the related violence runs rampant in most large city and suburban schools has been known and has increased for decades. It is no wonder the county is growing, just due to folks fleeing the cities for the sake of their children. And now to find that the large city style drug gangs like MS-13 are here, and as widespread as was indicated in the article. And the fact that they have succeeded in involving our children in this garbage all strikes very close to home. We need to be assured that the message these criminals receive is not just a slap on the hand and a free ride home so they can come back and do it again.

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