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Drunken teen makes mess with fire extinguisher

Summit County Sheriff’s Office deputies walked in to a Copper apartment building last week to find fire extinguisher chemicals sprayed all over, two units flooded and a teenager passed out in the middle of the mess.

Sometime during the night, the details of which remain a mystery, a fire extinguisher was discharged in the third floor hallway of the apartment building and a fire water valve was opened in a fourth floor stairwell, causing the flooding, according to a report from the sheriff’s office.

There did not appear to have been a fire.

When deputies arrived, a 19-year-old man was lying on the floor in the third-floor hallway, which was full of the extinguisher chemical. They pulled him to safety and he was treated by Copper Mountain fire.

When the kid came to, he didn’t remember much of the night’s events, but he was covered in fire extinguisher chemicals, soaked from the waste down and blew a .187 in an alcohol breath test.

He told deputies the last thing he remembered was drinking alone in the fourth floor unit where he was staying, which, incidentally, was not one of the two that was flooded. He couldn’t think of any reason he would have been on the third floor of the building, where deputies found him and the spent extinguisher.

The teen was charged with criminal mischief, criminal use of a noxious substance and illegal consumption by a person under 21.

The damage from his night of fire-safety fun is estimated at over $5,000.

A man who claimed to be the victim of an assault turned out to be the guy who started a fight with a woman and got himself punched in the face by her friend.

The man called 911 claiming he had been assaulted at a local bar just before 2 a.m. one day last week. After making the call he headed home and deputies caught up with him on the way. He was bleeding from the mouth and was apparently quite intoxicated.

He told deputies he’d run into his neighbor at the bar and that the two had gotten into an argument about work, which led his neighbor to punch him in the mouth.

The part he left out, deputies later learned, was that he’d tried to fight his neighbor’s female friend before the neighbor stepped in to defend her.

The neighbor and the woman told deputies they had been at the bar drinking when the man approached them and struck up a conversation about their work. The woman said the man suddenly got angry and, moments later, started swearing at her. She, the neighbor and another friend decided to leave the bar. They said the man came running after them and tried to fight the woman, according to the sheriff’s report. The neighbor stepped in front of her and told the man to “Stop, she’s a lady,” a witness later told deputies.

The man didn’t stop and the neighbor punched him in the mouth.

Deputies went to the man’s house later that day to let him know he’d gone from being the victim to the suspect in the assault he reported the night before.

The neighbor did not press charges.

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