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DUI licenses are a good idea

RE: Should we have special DUI licenses? (SDN Sept. 26)I just got through reading the question posed by Lindstrom about DUI licenses. I think a marked license and plate are a good start.Consider the following: A man regularly gets drunk and then walks down Main Street randomly firing a gun in the air and around him. Just because he hasn’t hit anyone the last three times he did it, doesn’t hit anyone this time and may not next time, doesn’t make him any less dangerous than the one time he does kill someone. A car is a weapon, and someone who has abused it should lose it, plain and simple.My proposal to the DUI law is just as simple. Upon first conviction: no alcohol. Never. If caught with alcohol in his possession (we don’t have to wait for him to be drunk), he gets one year in jail. After the second conviction: take the car he is driving. He borrowed it? Too bad for the friend who should have known better. It’s like loaning Dylan Klebold a gun. And lastly, I don’t think all of Summit County would have a DUI. That’s an insulting statement to those of us who live up here responsibly. And making light of the subject, lessening the severity of the risk, is hurtful to those who have been personally touched by one of these homicidal imbeciles.

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