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Dunn: Disappointed with Google ads

Larry Dunn, Memphis

This is regarding the choice to use Google questions as a requirement to enter your site. I have been an almost daily visitor to your site for many years and I can tell you I have not read one article since you started this. I did open the two letters to the editor to view their comments related to this topic. I look forward to those answered questions being reflected as ads in my other web sites I will visit. Curious how the question about if I plan to buy a house in Texas could possibly be something posed as a question. Sure I could have clicked the next questions looking for the perfect one. No frustration to readers there.

Papers need to make money but my impression is the Press is to educate the reader not Google. Denver Post is about the most annoying paper there is regarding ads popping up, dropping down, popping behind, etc but at least we can read an article. You have chosen the path that requires visitors (not yet readers) to read a question and answer it and then answer another or go to another site. You need to find a less intrusive solution.

I’ll go elsewhere until you change.

I will be in Summit County in the next couple weeks. What will you require me to answer before I pick up a paper?


Larry Dunn, Memphis

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