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E.T. von Falkenstein: Bring in the big box stores, Home Depot, or Lowe’s!

E.T. von Falkenstein
Summit County

Summit County is limited to whatever is needed. We still have to make trips for merchandise needed, out of town, because native stores do not have the room.

Summit County is no more the sleepy ski town it used to be 30 years ago. Many new buildings went up, or got remodeled. Why make it so hard on them to settle for our convenience. Objecting is endless, and I do not need to repeat them in many letters – though for the real reasons, to protect the small merchants.

The big boxes are progress, expert merchants could be come knowledgeable employees the stores will have to hire – with an easier living.

Just to mention access, it should not be expected to be paid for by Home Depot, but by the county. That would be included by the tax revenue the big store will bring in. For now it still goes to the county the store is located.

Just last week, a Friday, I needed a few items for which I approached a native store. I was assured it would be available by Monday, we will call you.

The call did not come on Monday, so I took the road to the Home Depot in Evans. They had the items on hand. I was greeted on the door and handed over to the employee of the department.

Even the price was a good bit lower, my gasoline came out. Happily, I completed the task the next day. The call came Wednesday, late in the afternoon and too late.

Concluding, do no longer fight progress!

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