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Eastwood was paranoid, agitated after school shooting

Howard Pankratz
The Denver Post
Please see the attached mugshot of Bruco Strong Eagle Eastwood (dob 012178). Suspect was arrested in Jeffco for two counts of attempted murder following the shootings at Deer Creek Middle School.

In the hours immediately after he was arrested for shooting two Deer Creek Middle School students, suspect Bruco “Bo” Eastwood appeared to be pushing invisible things away from his body, the investigator who interviewed Eastwood said in an arrest affidavit unsealed Friday.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Investigator Richard Creswell Gove said that during the interview with Eastwood, the suspect continually made gestures as if he were trying to remove or pick things off his skin.

Asked what was going on, Eastwood told Gove that he was “trying to remove what he called transforming forces from his body,” Gove wrote.

Eastwood admitted that he had been placed on a mental health hold by the Littleton Police Department about 2002. He said he had been placed on the hold because he had told Littleton officers he was hearing voices.

Eastwood told Gove he believed the voices were coming from a Nielsen television box that had been installed in his apartment at the time, according to the affidavit.

Despite having the box removed from his apartment shortly after his placement in the hospital, Eastwood said he continued to hear voices and was still hearing voices on Feb. 23, the day he opened fire on students at Deer Creek.

Eastwood critically wounded 14-year-old Matthew Thieu, who suffered rib and lung injuries in the shooting. He also wounded a second student, 13-year-old Reagan Weber, who was shot in her right arm.

The affidavit was unsealed only after lawyers for 9News and The Denver Post argued before a Jefferson County judge that its contents never should have been sealed in the first place. The judge agreed that the public had a right to the information.

Eastwood said he left his home in Hudson about 11:30 a.m. on Feb. 23 with his father’s 30-06 hunting rifle and a box of 30-06 ammunition. He said that on the way to Deer Creek, he stopped at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Brighton and bought a second box of ammunition.

Once at Deer Creek, said Eastwood, he signed himself in as a visitor, and was provided a visitor’s pass. He then went back to his car, which he had parked in the school parking lot, and there made the final decision to shoot students.

As students began leaving the school at the end of the school day, Eastwood said he approached a group of students and asked them if they liked going to Deer Creek. He then raised his rifle and shot toward a girl as she fled, he said.

After shooting the girl and reloading, he aimed the rifle at a boy who had his back turned and fired striking the child in the back, said Eastwood.

He said as he was attempting to reload, a man in a black sweat suit grabbed him and knocked him to the ground.

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