Eat, Drink, Play: Lake Dillon Theatre presents ‘Marry Me a Little’ |

Eat, Drink, Play: Lake Dillon Theatre presents ‘Marry Me a Little’

Paige Blankenbuehler
summit daily news

Special to the Daily/Chris Alleman, Lake Dillon Theatre Company

Chris Flowers and Priscilla Fernandez star in Lake Dillon Theatre Company’s “Marry Me a Little” and bring a stage chemistry that seizes the audience – which can be explained by their behind the scenes romance.

The couple, in real life and on stage, delight the audience with their dynamic performance in this classic tale of two lovesick singles alone in the big city.

The production, directed by Lake Dillon Theatre’s Chris Alleman is showing through Sept. 23 for $27-$32. Friday’s evening show received a standing ovation and round of applause from the delighted crowd.

This romantic musical set in the 1970s tells the tale of two lonesome lovers who express their feelings, both bright and bitter on relationships and the never-ending dream of finding true love – without ever knowing they are one floor apart in the same apartment complex.

Jonathan Parks, the piano man and musical director, is responsible for the classic Broadway-style piano that plays throughout the show, while emulating a struggling artist in an upstairs studio.

As the tension of the inner struggle to banish the loneliness mounts, Flowers and Fernandez, sit alone in their apartment while Parks finds just the right tune to set the stage for creating a connection between the two lonely, single people.

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Living in the same building, not knowing one another – the characters portray a loneliness that connects them in an unknown cohesiveness and compatibility.

They both long for love while it exists right in front of them. Their struggles leading to their serendipitous meeting and relationship are littered with humor and great musical talent, keeping the viewer sitting on the edge of their seat, just dying for the two to meet and fall in love.

Whether they do or not is something that you will have to find out on your own – the play continues at Lake Dillon Theatre until Sept. 23.

After the show, viewers are able to stay and have a question and answer session with the actors. Parks, Flowers and Fernadez have traveled from their roots in New York, while paying the bills to sustain their lives there, to perform at the Lake Dillon Theater company.

“This is what we love to do, it’s not easy paying the bills and keeping our homebase in New York, but being able to perform at a small theater is really special,” Flowers said. “We just have to make money, pay the bills, and do it all over again.”

Fernandez, who plays the bubbly woman, agrees.

“I am delighted to be performing in Summit County,” Fernandez said. “The small venue allows us to get to know the audience on a different level than performing on a big stage – the people here have been fantastic.”

Reviews for the play nationwide hail the story as a must-see. The fact that it’s presented at a small venue such as the Lake Dillon Theatre gives a unique opportunity to experience the popular show in an intimate setting.