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Eddie Gillespie: Nitrates choking Breckenridge water

Eddie Gillespie
Charleston, S.C.

It’s horse crap. Yes, I could have said “excrement from large domesticated animals.” But, It’s horse crap, pure and simple. Locals, have you wandered around Maggie Pond lately? Three years ago, I could see the bottom in the middle from the shore. Now, it is a great green muck of sludge, and into what does it flow? I have been a devoted visitor here since the early 1980s and a proud vacation condo owner for 18 years. There have been so many improvements. A few years ago my family watched fleets of remote-controlled vessels venture out on Maggie Pond. Then we noticed that the propellers of these wondrous ships were becoming gummed-up by a green algae. From where has it come?? Our walks up the mountain have revealed the stables built on Peak 9 above the town. The chemical family of nitrates from the animal residue has seeped through the ground and into every stream below. Your citizens have labored so hard to produce the magnificent Riverwalk where parents and grandparents can watch today’s youth playing in the clear water and jumping from pristine rock to rock. Those days will be gone if action is not swift. Go to the Riverwalk this weekend and look hard at what has already begun to destroy it. Those telltale green strands in the shallows, they are a disaster in the making and won’t get smaller without immediate intervention. Why has a commercial horse corral been allowed to be located above the recreation water source of the Breckenridge downtown and community?

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